Character Award Recipients

The Board of Education recognizes students each month for outstanding character traits.  Students are recommended by staff members.  Recipients attend the monthly meeting with family members.  Principals share why the student was nominated for the award.  The Board of Education President congratulates the student on behalf of the entire Board and the student receives a certificate and a Purple Eagle shirt.  

This year's recipients are:

February, 2018

Daniel Dash (Elementary School) was recognized because he always has a smile on his face every time he comes to music class.  He not only finds his seat as expected, but he is sitting quietly waiting for instructions.  When Danny is called on, he always has an answer and is so polite. He is always willing to help a friend in need and his peers truly look up to him. 

January, 2018

Mckenna Boyer (High School) was recognized because she is respectful and responsible and kind to others.  SShe is helpful and never has a negative word to say about anyone.  She is a diligent student, takes challenging courses and participates in a variety of activities.  Mckenna states, "Character is about how you act and conduct yourself even when nobody is looking.  It's about treating others properly and having the right morals and the right values."  Congratulations, Mckenna!

December, 2017

Alexander Hafner (Middle School) - Alex is a person who works extremely hard at everything he does and is willing to help anyone in need. His teachers report that he is kind, caring, conscientious, responsible and is always ready for class.  Congratulations Alex!  

November, 2017

Bryan Hillman (Elementary School) - When thinking of someone with great character, Bryan’s name immediately comes to Mrs. Orbaker’s mind.  Bryan displays great character in everything he does.  He always follows directions the first time they are given and gives 100% of his effort.  He is always willing to help other students who are struggling. Bryan is the type of person that both teachers and students love to have around!

October, 2017

 Sara Hillman (High School) - Sara received the character award for showing good character in her classes, clubs and athletics.