Leadership Award Recipients


The Board of Education recognizes students each month for outstanding leasership qualities.  Students are recommended by staff members.  Recipients attend the monthly meeting with family members.  Principals share why the student was nominated for the award.  The Board of Education President congratulates the student on behalf of the entire Board and the student receives a certificate and a Purple Eagle shirt.  

This year's recipients are:


November, 2017

The Leadership Award was presented to Joshua Zayac.  Joshua displays great leadership in everything he does!  He is always ready to start the day with his homework complete and ready to be turned in.  He is focused and ready to learn when he enters the room each morning.  If Joshua observes a fellow student doesn’t understand the homework, he takes the inititive to help them right away. He is a confident and a wonderful example of leadership!  Mrs. Klips is proud to have Joshua in her classroom.


October, 2017

The Leadership Award was presented to Tyler Kast.  Tyler displays leadership in his classroom, community and on the field.  He is part of the Big Brother Football Program and mentors younger players as they devolop their skills. Congratulations Tyler!