Senior Tea Tradition Continues at ACS

Senior Tea Tradition Continues at ACS

Class Officers (l-r): Victor Benjovsky, Riley Seielstad, Allison Graham, and Nathanael Smith.

The class of 2018 held their first formal event on November 16, 2017. Senior Tea began at Albion in the 1950’s when a home economics teacher and an English teacher wanted to teach students proper etiquette.  Students invited parents to the event.  They had a receiving line and introduced parents to school personnel.  They enjoyed tea and entertainment.  

Now, more than 70 years later, this tradition lives on as a mainstay for the senior class.  As in the past, seniors invited their parents and family members as well as staff and Board of Education members to celebrate.  Juniors served cookies and beverages.  Senior class president Victor Benjovsky welcomed attendees.  Allison Graham (vice-president) and Nathanael Smith (treasurer) introduced the senior performers.  Riley Seielstad (secretary) thanked attendees and recognized senior artists, who displayed a diverse collection of their artwork.  Emma Lonnen designed the program cover.

The senior chorus performed the National Anthem, Albion Alma Mater and sang “How Can I Keep from Singing.” Senior chorus members: Hailey Bader, Victor Benjovsky, Emily Caldwell, John Flanagan,  Allison Graham, Shane Hellems, Tyler Kast, Emma Lonnen, Gricelda Maldonado, Andrew Moore, Makayla Obstarczyk, Hayden Pecoraro, Talina Puga, Elida Rodriguez, Bradley Sanford, Riley Seielstad, Casandra Serafin, Miranda Smith, Nathanael Smith, Justin Stritzinger, Samantha Vanacore, Taylor Walczak, and Kaitlin Zwifka.

The senior band performed “Fantasy on an American Classic.”  Senior band members: Victor Benjovsky, Nate Fearby, John Flanagan, Emma Fox, Julie
Ives, Tyler Kast, Collin McMullen, Caitlynn Snook, Andrea’ Nauden, Mykailah Roberts, Justin Robinson, Leah Schildt, Cassie Serafin, Riley Seielstad, Noah Wadhams, Taylor Walczak, and Kaitlin Zwifka.

The following seniors performed:
•    Sara Hillman performed “Love Will Remember”
•    Miranda Smith performed “Caro Mio Ben”    
•    Taylor Walczak performed “My Heart Will Go On”    
•    Riley Seielstad performed “Times are Hard for the Dreamers”
•    Kaitlyn Gibson performed “American Honey”
•    Mykailah Roberts performed “It’s Too Late”    
•    Hailey Bader performed “When We Were Young”    
•    Victor Benjovsky performed “Dancing on My Own”    

Senior artists recognized for their displays were:
Hanna Butcher, Dilon Cowell, Sara Hillman, Emma Lonnen,
Samantha Pozzobon, Miranda Smith, Elida Rodriguez, Kira
Sisson, Rebekah Thompson, Samantha Vanacore, and Taylor

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for organizing a wonderful event.  

For more photos of the event go to the High School Webpage.