Physical Education

January PE students of the month in the front row (l-r): Bryden McMurray, Keyonna Hamilton, LaShy Wills, Jason Anstey, Hailey Warren. Back row: Shakarion Drisdom, Dallas Ecker, Olivia Bieber, Katelyn Beach, Olivia Krenning, and Jordan Postle.


The middle school physical education department teaches the following units each year: archery, badminton, basketball, cooperative games, fitness units, soccer, swimming, team handball and volleyball, as well as initiate fitnessgram testing in the fall and spring.  

Physical Education teachers are Carlos Burroughs and Sara Koppenhaver.


  •     For students to learn, develop, and practic skills needed for success in individual and team sports/activities
  •     For students to gain the knowledge of concepts, principles, and strategies related to physical activity and sports
  •     For students to value and appreciate physical activity
  •     For students to know the resources available to them in their community in order to stay active
  •     For students to be responsible citizens who respect themselves and others

Being Prepared for PE Class:

  •     All students are expected to be prepared in a change of clothes (shorts/t-shirt or sweatpants/sweatshirt) and sneakers every class
  •     Students are provided with a locker and combination lock to use for the school year
  •     During swim units, students will need a swim suit and towel


  •     Students are graded out of 10 points daily
  •     Full credit is earned by being prepared, giving full effort, following directions, and being respectful
  •     Students lose points for: being off-task, showing poor sportsmanship, violation of class rules (no gum, no jewelry, etc.), or having a negative attitude
  •     The first time a student in unprepared, they receive a warning and do not lose points.  Any time after that they lose all 10 points for the day


December's physical education students of the month are (l-r) front row: Ara Burton, Johah Karnyski, Sarah Thom, Makayla Klatt, Mason Lynch.  Back row: Emily Harling, Ulises Ledesma, Lliam Rowella, Tyler Leary, Mohammad Mohi Meer, Gia Lugo, Chantee Johnson. 



November's Physical Education Students of the Month.  Front row (l-r): Abby Mancuso, Gina Sidari, Finn McCue, Jett Conn, and Wendy Lagunas Perez.  Back row: Dylan Roath, Nick Andrews, Collin Capurso, Alex Hafner, Allison Mathes and Aly Knaak.  Absent from photo: Lauren Brooks.



October's Physical Education Students of the Month are (l-r): Owen Hunt, James Beach, Emily Graham, Austin Narburgh, Tristan Lusk, Meredith Hollenbeck, Reese Conley, Landin Chaffee, Isabella Gray, Audrey Pask, Lillian Mathes, Jason Anstey.