Albion Athletics

On October 18th the boys varsity soccer team ended their season when they were defeated 2-1 in the quarterfinals by Lackawanna in double overtime.  The boys were fierce competitors and gave it their all. Harrison Brown scored Albion's goal. The end was a real heartbreaker for the team and their fans. Thank you boys for a good season! Some highlights of the game are shown below. 


2018-2019 Fall Athletics Senior Nights

A Message from the Athletic Director...

The Board of Education recognizes that athletics is an integral part of a well-balanced educational program. Therefore, the Board of Education supports within its resources a broad sports program with equal access for both males and females with emphasis on maximum participation through interscholastic activity. In addition, a wide selection of extracurricular activities is available to all students at every grade level.

Albion Central School District’s Board of Education believes that the goal and objective of the athletic program is to reflect the mission of our total educational program. We wish to maximize respect, responsibility and optimism through intellectual, social and personal development. Promoting self-discipline, character, competence and citizenship allows Albion students to grow as individuals and as part of a team.

Randy Knaak