Kayaking Unit is Always Popular with High School Students

kayaking on the canal

Kayakers on the Erie Canal

About 30 Albion High School physical education students participated in the annual spring kayaking unit. 

Students learned how to kayak, including how to safely enter and exit the kayak, as well as how to paddle and turn.  

They also learned waterway safety tips.

The students put their skills into practice on the Erie Canal.

As you can see from the photos, the Erie Canal can be a busy byway.  Students encountered multiple watercrafts including a tugboat! 

This is always a popular unit with the students and a skill that they can use their entire lives with so many accessible public waterways in our County. 

Photos courtesy of Kelly Ricker.

Kayakers move over for Tug DeWitt Clinton as it pushes a scow towards Lockport.  The tug is the oldest working NYS Canal Corp tugboat and is stationed in Albion. 


Kayakers raise their oars after passing the guard gates on the Erie Canal.