Presenting in Albion

If you are giving a presentation at the Albion Central School District please note the following:

We do not have any Apple cabling devices to connect MAC BOOKS to projectors. All of our projectors have standard VGA connectors. You must provide the adapter if you are presenting from your own Mac Book.

We normally have laptops available with projectors if you can provide us with your presentation on a USB flash drive in Power Point or Open Office formats.

Please send a list of web sites that will be used during the presentation to the Help Desk ( as soon as possible so that we can verify access through our firewall and web filter. If you have media files you would like to use during the presentation (mp3, audio cd, video clips on disk, etc.) please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ensure that we have the proper drivers in place to support your files.

Tech Support can provide a tech person in advance of your presentation to assist in setup and presentation configurations.