Courses and Ensembles


The music department offers a variety of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular groups and electives for students.  Below is a listing of opportunities for students. 


General Music (aka "Classroom Music"), grades K through 8
12:1:1 Life Music (HS)
4th Grade Band
5th Grade Band
6th/7th Grade Band
6th/7th Grade Chorus
8th Grade Band
8th Grade Chorus
Sr. High Concert Band
Sr. High Mixed Chorus
Elementary Jazz Band (ES)
3rd/4th Grade Chorus (ES)
5th Grade Chorus (ES)
Middle School Jazz Band (MS)
Musical Theater productions (MS)
Men's Select Choir (HS)
Women's Select Choir (HS)
National Anthem Singers (HS)
Musical Theater productions (HS)
Pep Band (HS)
Jazz Ensemble (HS)
Pit Orchestra (HS)
Flute Choir (HS)
Clarinet Choir (HS)
Saxophone Ensemble (HS)
Brass Ensemble (HS)
Trombone Choir (HS)
Percussion Ensemble (HS)
Marching Band (HS)
Electives (High School)
Introduction to Music History
Introduction to Music Theory
Introduction to Musical Theater
AP Music Theory