The Worst Day Ever!


Students made a poster for the elementary school.

Students in Mr. Simboli's Introduction to Musical Theater created a musical from the book  "The Worst Day of My Life Ever!" by Julia Cook.

They performed the musical for elementary school students who had read the book when author Julia Cook visited them in the fall.

The book tells the story about a boy named R.J. who makes poor choices and suffers consequences of his actions because he doesn't listen or follow directions. 

When he eventually learns to follow directions and listen, then things change around for him and he ends up having a wonderful day.

The lesson is an important one for our students!

R.J. has a tough day in school becuase he can't follow directions.

R.J. makes a mess while baking because he doesn't follow the recipe's directions. 

The cast sings an original song for their audience.