Jazz Cabaret Sells Out!

Jazz Band

Mike Thaine conducts the jazz band at Studio B.

The 2019 AHS Jazz Cabaret took place on Saturday, April 6th, with both shows - one at 6:00pm and the other at 8:00pm - sold-out. 

This is Albion High School's 42nd annual jazz event! 

The event is held off campus at The Cabaret at Studio B, which is a perfect venue for jazz, AHS Band Director, Mr. Thaine, said. "It's the exact same environment and atmosphere you'll find at famous, big-name jazz clubs in NYC and Chicago- cozy and intimate.  It gives our students-musicians and audience a very authentic jazz experience." 

In addition to the high school jazz ensemble, the middle school jazz band, led by Mr. Martillotta, also performed. 

Along with the live music, guests enjoyed gourmet desserts, punch, and coffee.

Photo courtesy of Rhiannon Moody.