Big Bad Musical is a Big Success!

Pig One and Pig Two

The high school's fall show "The Big Bad Musical" was a huge success!

Audiences laughed until their sides hurt as they enjoyed the courtroom musical comedy.

The Big Bad Wolf was on trial for crimes committed on Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother Hood, the Three Little Pigs and the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  

Attorney for the plaintiffs was the Fairy Godmother.  

Attorney for the defense was the Ms. Evil Stepmother.

The show had three alternative endings:  guilty, not guilty and a hung jury.

The audience chose which ending they wanted to see by their applause.

Actors enjoyed preparing for the alternate endings as much as the audiences enjoyed having a say in the endings!  

Photos of the show can be viewed by clicking on this link to the gallery.  (When you enter the gallery, click on the first image and then you can scroll through)