Bark Alert System

Bark for Schools is a powerful monitoring service we are utilizing to help us better protect students’ school-issued email accounts both at school and at home*.

When schools give students access to laptops and email accounts, an incredible world of learning opportunities open up — as well as potential dangers. Bark helps us monitor all of the content our students are creating, sharing, and sending through school-issued accounts. This helps us to detect potentially dangerous situations that students may be facing both in and out of school, including cyberbullying, threats of violence, predatory advances, sexual content, and suicidal ideation.

Every six months, an invitation to create an account for the Bark for Schools Family Alerts Dashboard will be sent out to all of the parents in our district. This will allow you, the parents and guardians, to receive alerts regarding potentially dangerous situations your student’s may be engaging in after school hours, during weekends, breaks, and holidays.

Bark provides all of the above for free as part of their give back program and is available to all K-12 schools and districts in the U.S. 

You can also enable Bark’s product for families, which monitors texts, email, YouTube and more than 24 social media platforms for potential safety concerns on your student’s personal accounts for an additional fee. To help your family, Albion Central School has secured a 20% discount on the monthly cost, which is $7.20 per month / $79.20 per year to cover an unlimited number of accounts, devices, and children. The upgrade is available through the Bark for Schools app.

Thank you for helping us to keep our students safe online and in real life.

For more information on Bark Alerts, click here. 


*The district only monitors Bark Alerts while school is in session Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. The district does not monitor Bark Alerts over the weekends or on holidays.