Annual Reception

On June 3, 2019, the Board of Education held a reception to celebrate staff tenure, retirements and educator of the year.

Family members, peers and friends came together to congratulate the staff on their accomplishments.

Retirees received a wooden bell/music box inscribed with their name and thanks for serving the ACSD.  Books were purchased in memory of each retiree and will be on display in all three libraries.

Tenured staff include (l-r): Katharine Waite (High School Assistant Principal), David Kozar (MS Special Education), Mark Skurzewski (ES teacher), April Patti (ES teacher), Kerri Griffin (Speech teacher) and Sheryl LeBaron (ES teacher).

Art teacher Kamie Feder shares some of her thoughts and stories about teaching middle school students.  Kamie has made a lasting impact on the Middle School with her annual Empty Bowls service-learning project that raises money for the local food pantry. It helps students take pride in their community and learn the value of helping others.  She also empowers students to take ownership of their building by creating murals in the halls.  Her endless energy and creativity can be seen with the beautiful set designs her students create for fall and spring drama shows. She always has fresh and exciting ideas that inspire her students and faculty.  


Retirees (l-r):  Shawn Liddle (22 years of service as Assistant Superintendent for Business), Jeff Mitchell (23 years of service as a cleaner), Carlos Burroughs (31 years as a physical education teacher), Ellen Reichert Goff (34 years as a special education teacher).  The Board also recognized the following retirees who could not attend the reception:  Leslie Gates (31 years as a Read 180 teacher), Bonnie Day (27 years as a teacher aide), Maureen Bennett (25 years as a typist), Judy Azzolino (30 years as an AIS teacher), Randy Knaak (33 years as Athletic Director), and James Wood (28 years as an administrator).   

Margy Brown and David Sidari thank outgoing Board of Education member Wendy Kirby for her five years of service on the Board.