Leadership & Character Award Recipients


The Board of Education recognizes students each month for outstanding leadership qualities. Students are recommended by staff members. Recipients attend the monthly meeting with family members. Principals share why the student was nominated for the award. The Board of Education President congratulates the student on behalf of the entire Board and the student receives a certificate and a Purple Eagle shirt.

November, 2020

Award winners

Pictured from left: Nick Prest, recipient of the Character Award and Cassie Brown, recipient of the Leadership Award.

Two students from Albion’s Carl I. Bergerson Middle School were presented with awards during the Board of Education meeting on Monday night.

While the meeting was held virtually, a pre-recorded video aired of Middle School Principal Brad Pritchard officially presenting eighth-graders Cassie Brown and Nick Prest with their awards.

“Cassie Brown was nominated for the Leadership Award because she is viewed in our building as someone who is conscientious, diligent and overall just a pleasant person who people love to be around,” Pritchard said.

The principal explained that Brown does the Middle School morning announcements because her “bubbly personality helps get everyone’s day off to a good start.”

“Cassie consistently demonstrates her leadership qualities by always being pleasant and respectful to everyone,” Pritchard said. “She is always smiling in her eyes (and under her mask.)”

Nick Prest, also in eighth grade, received the BOE Character Award.

“He is a voracious reader and very diligent with his schoolwork,” Pritchard said. “Nick has stood out to his teachers this year for the outstanding job he has done managing the remote learning model. He not only keeps up with the learning, he stays ahead.”

Prest has also taken it upon himself to create "How To" videos for his classmates in an effort to help them navigate programs frequently used in class.

“Nick assists his classmates when they struggle and genuinely wants to help all of his peers be successful,” Pritchard said.

Both students truly value everyone, everywhere, every day.


Congratulations, Cassie and Nick!


October, 2020

Pictured from left: Sh'Kwe Riley, recipient of the Leadership Award, High School Principal Jennifer Ashbery, and Bryne Dysard, recipient of the Character Award

The Board of Education recognized two High School students during their October meeting.

Congratulations to Bryne Dysard, who was nominated for the High School Character Award. Bryne is a senior who always seems to have a smile on her face, and a kind greeting to everyone she sees. Her teachers describe her as hardworking, dedicated, inquisitive, and someone who truly values education.

Bryne was nominated by Mrs. Wolcott, who states: “I would like to nominate Bryne Dysard for the Character Award. Bryne has a kind heart, and is a very empathetic person. She does not like to see others hurt and is always there for those who need her. When asked what her plans were for college, she states ‘I’m not quite sure, I know I just want to help people’. Bryne has a very high moral standard and does not sway away from that. She loves school and makes her grades a top priority. She is one of the best people I know, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Character Award.”

Thank you Bryne for modeling the character traits of a Purple Eagle.

Congratulations to Sh'Kwe Riley, who is the recipient of the High School Leadership Award. Sh’Kwe is a sophomore who has demonstrated his quiet leadership skills in his short time here at Albion High School. Many of Sh’Kwe’s teachers describe his contagious smile and constant willingness to help others. He frequently seeks opportunities to assist classmates, and as a result, is someone others look up to.

Mr. Akers, who nominated Sh’Kwe notes: "He is a leader by example. He not only does what’s asked of him, but he’s always willing to help others out. Sh’Kwe has a positive attitude and always has a smile. He is friendly, outgoing, conscientious, and hardworking."

Thank you Sh’Kwe for leading by example, and living out the true spirit of what it means to be an Albion Purple Eagle.

Both students received certificates of appreciation and a Purple Eagle shirt in celebration of their achievements.


March, 2020

The Board of Education recognized two elementary school students during their March meeting. 

Tyshon Brady was nominated for the Character Award by Mrs. Pritchard.

Mrs. Curtin told the Board that Tyshon is deserving of this award because he comes to school every day with a positive demeanor and smile!  He treats others with kindness and always exhibits a friendly, polite and respectful attitude. Tyshon is an outstanding role model for his peers.

Dana Burns received the Leadership Award. He was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Flagler.

Mrs Curtin introduced Dana and told the Board that he has displayed leadership skills in many positive ways in the classroom.  He is a hard worker who puts forth great effort in class.  He offers to partner with another student if he finishes his work early and helps the student when he is stuck on a problem.  Dana has been an excellent role model to his peers when it comes to participation, respect and leadership in class!  He offers excellent ideas during group discussions, leading others to join in and share their ideas.


February, 2020

On February 3rd, the Board of Education recognized two middle school students for displaying good character and leadership qualities.   

Middle School Principal Mr. Pritchard introduced Hailey Warren as the Character Award recipient.  He said, "Hailey lives up to our ACS value statements every day especially by valuing everyone, everywhere, every day.  Hailey’s teachers describe her as an upbeat and positive person with contagious enthusiasm that pushes her peers to do the same.  Hailey is always seen helping other students whether it is in the hallway when someone drops their books or in the classroom helping a classmate who might be having trouble.  She is always quick to volunteer and you can always depend on Hailey for a smile that she is willing to share with anyone.  We are told that one of Hailey’s passions is caring for animals which not a surprise given her kind demeanor and caring nature.  She is truly a bright spot of our middle school that our teachers and students alike have the utmost respect and admiration for."

Mr. Pritchard also introduced Nathan Stefanini as the Leadership Award recipient.  He said, "Nathan has left an extremely positive impression on his teachers.  Academically, he comes to school each day prepared to learn and ready for class.  But out of all of the special qualities Nathan possess, three of the most important are his kind heart towards others, his sense of humor, and his humility.  He is very sensitive to other's feelings and is careful to treat all with respect and kindness.  He is a leader by example and he demonstrates this by consistently helping others in class with difficult concepts while remaining humble about his own abilities.   Nathan gives 100% on everything he is involved with which is contagious to his teammates and classmates.  Nathan can also be found being a leader in extracurricular activities such as Latin Club and Academic Challenge Bowl.  Nathan is a young man that we should be proud to call a Purple Eagle."

Both students received certificates of appreciation and a purple eagle shirt.  Mrs. Harling, Board of Education President, congratulated each student. 


January, 2020

Two high school students were recognized during the January Board of Education meeting.  

Brooklynn Reed received the Character Award. 

High School Principal Mrs. Ashbery introduced Brooklynn to Board members.  She read a statement from her English teacher, Mrs. Roche, who noted, "Brooklynn is an outstanding student. She is mature and thoughtful in all areas of character and academics. She is the first to help a student in need. She is incredibly conscientious in her school work, but also in the way she treats others. Her compassion is powerful and sincere.”

Brooklynn’s other teachers and staff members note of Brooklynn’s amazing talent yet humble attitude. They characterize her as a fun student who is hardworking, always well prepared and has a positive attitude. She is a leader and model of the Albion School District's mission: Achievement, Character, Success for Life! 

Ashley Ames received the Leadership Award.

Ashley is the current president of the High School Student Council. Mrs. Green, the Student Council advisor notes, "Through Ashley’s leadership, membership is up and we have nearly doubled the number of events and initiatives we facilitate and are involved in.  The group has needed minimal support and guidance from me as their advisor. Ashley creates meeting agendas and leads meetings on her own, making sure everyone feels involved, heard, and included. The Student Council conduced their first canned food drive this fall and have plans for a campus clean-up event in the spring."

Mrs. Green also noted, "In an effort to continue fostering pride in our school community, Ashley took on the role of editor-and-chief of our Student Council newsletter. Beyond the normal duties of Student Council president, Ashley spends hours writing and revising to produce a newsletter with other students in the school. The publication highlights rising matters, student artwork, international headlines, self-help information, a staff member of the month, and student leaders. “

Mrs. Ashbery thanked Ashley for her leadership and pointed out that the student body benefits from her efforts as she serves as a role model of a reliable, ambitious, conscientious, and hardworking leader.


December, 2019

Brooke Doty was nominated for the Leadership Award by Mrs. Perry.  She is involved in Safety Patrol and is excellent at leading students into a successful morning routine in their Kindergarten classroom. She comes in ready to assist with the set up in Mrs. Perry’s classroom each day.  Brooke always asks if anything else is needed when she is done with her responsibilities.  Brooke’s presence is a crucial part of the classroom routine. Brooke is a joy to work with and is very dependable.

Brooke’s classroom teachers have similar sentiments to share. They note that Brooke is always respectful and is well respected by her peers and adults in the building. She is hardworking, makes positive choices each day and is a role model not just to the Kindergarten students, but to all students. She is a kind, courteous leader who others look up to.

Olivia Andrews was nominated for the Character Award by Mrs. Perry.  She is also involved in Safety Patrol and is always coming into Mrs. Perry’s classroom with a smile and positive attitude. She is attuned to the needs of the students, taking the extra step to ensure their day gets off to a great start. Mrs. Perry notes that Olivia’s presence is a crucial part of her Kindergarten classroom routine. She is a joy to work with, is very dependable and the students benefit from her presence each day.

Olivia’s classroom teachers share the same type of remarks regarding her remarkable character. They note that Olivia is hardworking and responsible. She is kind and courteous to her classmates, serving as a strong role model in the classroom. Olivia carries enthusiasm and a smile with her every day.

Congratulations Olivia and Brooke, we are proud of your strength of character, leadership skills and your Purple Eagle pride!

November, 2019

Two middle school students were recognized at the November Board of Education meeting for character and leadership qualities. 

Madison Hughson received the Leadership award.  Middle School Principal Mr. Pritchard introduced Madison and shared with the Board many of her leadership characteristics.  He said, "Madison has shown tremendous growth this year, both personal and academic.  Madi has grown into a leader during her time in the middle school.  She has learned to distance herself from negativity and become a positive influence on her friends, classmates and teammates."  

Miss Koppenhaver said, "Madi has done a PHENOMENAL job this year in being a leader, especially on the volleyball court during games. She has helped to communicate messages to her teammates and stayed positive even after mistakes. Madison has been open in sharing lessons she learned the hard way last season.  She is now more aware of her grades and has taken initiative to stay after with teachers or retake tests when needed." 

Julia Knight received the character award. Mr. Pritchard said, "The first word that comes to mind when we see Julia in the hallways is kind.  She always has a smile and is always willing to help anyone." 

One of her teachers stated, "Julia has shown great character in my classroom. Julia volunteered to help a struggling student with her locker combination and helped carry her book bag and materials to her bus every day without hesitation. Julia would check in with the student every day to make sure she was doing alright or just to talk about how her day was going and what book she was reading.  Julia did these acts of kindness without any prompting and inspired her class to start doing the same.  Julia showed and continues to show great character but has also demonstrated how caring and compassionate she is towards others." 


October, 2019

During the October Board of Education Meeting, Mrs. Ashbery recognized two high school students for their character and leadership.

Kaitlyn Ramirez received the character award.  Kaitlyn was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Meakin.  He said, “Kaitlyn demonstrates several attributes that exhibit a high level of character. She shows compassion and consideration for the residents at the Villages of Orleans while participating in various activities.  Kaitlyn displays warmth, generosity, support and maintains a strong desire for success and achievement in the Community As School program. She has grown tremendously as a person and is a great example for the students in the program."  Mrs. Ashbery thanked Kaitlyn for her strong character and positive influence on those around her.

Yeshua Robles Nunez received the leadership award.  His teacher Mrs. Brittan noted, "Yeshua has gone above and beyond to befriend a new student who speaks very little English. He has taken him under his wing, helping him to become acclimated to not only a new school, but also to a new language. Yeshua has arranged to complete a portion of his community service hours tutoring this student. Yeshua’s easy smile and positive nature has helped his transition to the high school for a very successful start to the school year. He is an example to others that everyone has the ability to lead in a very positive, impactful way."  Mrs. Ashbery thanked Yeshua for his positive leadership at the high school.   She said, "We all benefit from your passion and drive to help others and know that this will continue to serve you well for years to come. We are proud to have you as part of our Albion Purple Eagle family."