Leadership Award Recipients


The Board of Education recognizes students each month for outstanding leadership qualities.  Students are recommended by staff members.  Recipients attend the monthly meeting with family members.  Principals share why the student was nominated for the award.  The Board of Education President congratulates the student on behalf of the entire Board and the student receives a certificate and a Purple Eagle shirt.  

This year's recipients are:

June, 2018

The leadership award was presented to Audrey Pask.  Middle school principal Mr. Pritchard introduced Audrey and said, "She has emerged as a leader both in the classroom and in the extra-curricular activities she is involved with.  Audrey is a member of our Jr. High FFA and Latin Club.  She has established herself as a leader in both programs by taking a lead role in the management of tasks and supporting peers to prepare for events and other jobs vital to the programs.  Her teachers say she is a natural leader who leads by example.   But in addition to her leadership ability, Audrey models respect for all of her classmates, she is able to collaborate with anyone, she has a great sense of humor, and she encourages her peers to work hard.  She selflessly volunteers to help any peer and always displays a positive and caring attitude towards everyone.  Her leadership is an asset to the middle school and we thank you for being such an outstanding leader for us."  Congratulation Audrey!


May, 2018

The leadership award was presented to Tyriek Johnson. Tyriek is helpful, kind, and stands up for others.   Tyriek's teacher Mr. Price "caught" Tyriek on two occasions doing awesome things while in PE class.  Without being asked he approached a student in another class that was struggling with a skill. He helped explain the correct way to perform the skill and demonstrate it for him.  On a different occasion, a student said something rude about a classmate.  Tyriek quickly responded by saying, "Hey, he is my friend, don't talk about my friend like that!"  Congratulations Tyriek!    


April, 2018

The leadership award was presented to high school senior Victor Benjovsky.  Principal Peterson commended Victor for consistently demonstrating these skills as he leads others in planning and organizing important events such as homecoming, senior tea, prom and graduation as well as in athletics and the musicals. Victor said, “leaders help others and they inspire others to reach their full potential.”  He credits his older siblings as positive examples of leadership.  


March, 2018

The leadership award was presented to Dallas Ecker.  Dallas is a Middle School student who has a very positive attitude, is polite, and respectful to everyone.  Teachers comment on his willingness to help his peers and the teacher.  He is an asset in the classroom.  He consistently contributes ideas in class and works tirelessly to learn and improve.  He is the lead trumpet in 6/7th grade band and is a great example of hard work and how to be a positive influence to those around him.  Congratulations Dallas!


February, 2018

The leadership award was presented to Alyazirah Villanueva.  She is an Elementary School student who was recognized as a very hard working and determined young lady.  She works very hard to earn the best grades that she can.  Her homework is always done and turned in by the due date.  Not only is Alyazirah a hard worker in the classroom, she is also a member of SLC “Student Leadership Council”.  She is patient and kind with all of her classmates and is ready to help anyone at a moment’s notice.  She is a true leader!


January, 2018

The leadership award was presented to High School student Demetrius "Meach" Gardner.  He is a natural leader and students draw inspiration from him.  He is someone whom his peers look up to for guidance.  He puts in the time and hard work to earn success.  He was a captain on the football team and took it seriously.  If players were late to school, or grades were slipping, he would talk with them and encourage them to work harder for the success of the team.


December, 2017

The leadership award was presented to Middle School student Sydney Mulka. She leads by example, encourages and inspires others to be better, and displays courage and integrity. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, chorus, band, theater productions, and was the varsity soccer team's goalie.  She is always willing to help her classmates or teammates and she does it with a smile.  Congratulations Sydney!


November, 2017

The Leadership Award was presented to Elementary School student Joshua Zayac.  Joshua displays great leadership in everything he does!  He is always ready to start the day with his homework complete and ready to be turned in.  He is focused and ready to learn when he enters the room each morning.  If Joshua observes a fellow student doesn't’t understand the homework, he takes the initiative to help them right away. He is a confident and a wonderful example of leadership!  Mrs. Klips is proud to have Joshua in her classroom. Congratulations Joshua!


October, 2017

The Leadership Award was presented to High School student Tyler Kast.  Tyler displays leadership in his classroom, community and on the field.  He is part of the Big Brother Football Program and mentors younger players as they develop their skills. Congratulations Tyler!