Search Updates

Please check back frequently for regular updates on progress of the superintendent search. 


December 1, 2020 Search Updates

After a long and extensive search process with multiple highly qualified candidates, it is my great honor to announce on behalf of the Albion Board of Education that we have unanimously endorsed Mickey Edwards as the 11th Superintendent of the Albion Central School District.

Some of you may already know Mickey. He is a lifelong resident of the District, currently residing in Kent. For those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet him, we’re excited for you to do so. You can read more about him and his background in the attached press release. Mickey's experience as a superintendent in two previous districts, coupled with his history and commitment to our community make him an outstanding fit for Albion. Mickey describes himself as a “Pillar of hope and optimism at all times”. He recognizes that “So goes the leadership, so goes the District”, and vows to be the #1 advocate for our students and District. His colleagues describe him as an approachable, transparent and forward thinking leader who engages in his practice with exceptional practicality and tremendous heart.

He is eager to collaborate with all of you and continue to push for Albion Central School to be the very best version of itself.

You can watch us welcome Mr. Edwards to the Albion Central School District family on the district's YouTube channel here.


November 18, 2020 Search Update

We are pleased to share this update with the school community and community at large: The search for our next Superintendent of Schools is nearing its conclusion.

In October, the Board interviewed four extremely qualified candidates. With the help of our consultants, and utilizing set criteria with input from our focus groups and surveys, we narrowed our search down to two finalists. Those two individuals underwent a second round of interviews with the Board at which they presented a proposed entry plan. At the conclusion of the two interviews, the Board unanimously voted in favor of one individual.

We are currently in negotiation with that individual.The candidate is very excited and eager to assume the role as the next Superintendent of Schools in Albion. Once negotiations have successfully concluded, the Board will schedule a special meeting to officially appoint our new Superintendent of Schools, with a start date in early January.

Thank you to everyone who offered input and assisted in this process through focus groups and surveys. Your participation helped ensure a smooth selection process. While the final decision rested on the Board’s shoulders, we couldn’t have done it without all of you and your willingness to get involved and make your voices heard.

We look forward to this new chapter and to introducing our new Superintendent to the Albion community and school district! Please check back for more updates.

Kathy Harling, BOE President


October 22, 2020 Search Update

As was mentioned in my previous memo regarding the Superintendent search, while the Board is committed to keeping the identity of the candidates confidential, we would like everyone to be aware of the process the Board is using to select our next Superintendent. To review, we began the process in July by gathering input from administrators, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through surveys and focus groups. Utilizing the information that was gathered, a recruitment brochure was created by the consultants and the vacancy was advertised for approximately four weeks. In early October, the Board met to review the candidates’ applications and selected five candidates for first-round interviews. One of the five subsequently accepted another position.

The Board recently interviewed the remaining four candidates. We were very impressed with the qualifications, skills and character of all four. Utilizing a “criteria matrix” process facilitated by one of the consultants, Dr. Teresa Lawrence, the Board reached consensus on inviting two candidates for final interviews. It is anticipated that these interviews will be held early in November. Pending agreement on a contract of employment, the Board intends to announce the appointment of our next Superintendent later next month.

The Board of Education would, once again, like to thank you for providing us with input that has helped guide the recruitment and selection process. And our sincere THANK YOU for all that you are doing to support the students and families in our District!

Kathy Harling, BOE President


October 14, 2020 Search Update

As was shared earlier this summer, the Albion Board of Education decided to use a closed search process for the selection of the district’s next superintendent. The closed process means that the identity of the candidates remains confidential throughout, until the board has made a final selection. While the candidates are confidential, our process is not.

We began by soliciting feedback from you and the community through surveys and focus groups. Our search consultants then took that information and put together a vacancy notice and brochure which were used to advertise the opportunity and recruit candidates. Applications closed in mid-September and the Board met with the consultants last week to review all of the applicants. We had a very strong pool of candidates and, after much discussion, selected five semi-finalists. (Subsequently, one of the five accepted another position and has withdrawn from the process.) In order to narrow the field and, eventually, appoint our next Superintendent, the Board will employ a holistic selection process consisting of interviews, a complete review of all application materials and thorough checking of references by our consultants. An announcement concerning Albion’s next Superintendent is expected in November.

Thank you for your input and continued interest in this critically important decision.  

Kathy Harling, BOE President


October 13, 2020 Search Update

Consultants Drs. Ramming and Lawrence met with the Board on Tuesday, October 6th to review applications for the position of Superintendent of Schools. The Board will conduct first-round interviews on October 20 and 21.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the Board in this important process.


August 17, 2020 Search Update

The application process is now officially open and applications for the next Superintendent of the Albion CSD are being accepted at the Western New York Educational Service Council.  You can access the information here:

The brochure that highlights our great district and community is available here for your review.

The Consultants' Report is available here.  The report is a synthesis of data collected from the online survey and the focus groups.  It was prepared by Dr. Ramming and Dr, Lawrence.  

Please feel free to review and pass along this information to anyone you think is a viable and qualified candidate.

Thank you,

Kathy Harling, BOE President


July 29, 2020  Search Update

On Monday, July 20 and Tuesday, July 21, consultants Dr. Tom Ramming and Dr. Teresa Lawrence met with ten different focus groups to solicit input about the traits/characteristics/behaviors desired in the next Superintendent as well as perceived challenges and the opportunities at the next Superintendent may encounter.

The online survey is now closed. We appreciate your input!

The information gathered from the focus group sessions and surveys will help inform the Board throughout the selection process.

A brochure is being crafted, and a link will be posted here soon.

The consultants’ report, based on survey results and focus group input sessions, will all be posted here within the next few weeks.

This is an important decision and we value the community’s input in the process.

A link to a recent article in the Orleans Hub can be found here:

High school students participated in a focus group. 


July 13, 2020 Search Update

Dear Community Stakeholders:

I am pleased to share that the surveys are up and available to all stakeholder groups in our community. To date, we have had 334 respondents.

The surveys are located here:

English Version

Spanish Version

Dr. Teresa Lawrence and Dr. Tom Ramming will meet with focus groups on July 20 and 21. Click here to see the schedule.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in a focus group. Group sizes are limited to 10 participants. All participants will be required to wear masks. The District will have masks and hand sanitizer available.

The Board values your input and we look forward to our continued work together.

Kathy Harling, ACS Board of Education President