Board Candidates

Three (3) Board of Education seats will be filled this year. 

  • The person who receives the most votes will serve from the election until June 30, 2025.
  • The person with the second highest number of votes will serve from July 1, 2020 until June 30, 2025.  
  • The person with the third highest number of votes will serve the remaining term of a seat vacated by a prior member's resignation through June 30, 2021.

Please read below each candidate's bio and statement about running for the Board of Education. The seven candidates are listed in alphabetical order here as they will be on the ballot per the Executive Order.

You can also view a brief video made by each candidate on our YouTube Channel. They share information about why they want to run for a seat on the Board of Education. 


Gregg Boose

Gregg S. Boose Sr. 

Residence:  325 West State Street

Family:  Easter (wife); Gregg Jr, Shayna, Torel (children) 

Education:  Medina High School

Occupation:  Armed Forces Naval Veteran; Retired NYSDOCS Officer; currently Orleans County Corrections Department

I have been a resident of the Albion area for over 50 years.  I believe I would be a great asset to the school system in various ways:

  • By being directly involved in the community, interacting with parents and children, getting to know what they think, their ideas on how we can improve the school system;
  • Heavily educate our children on diversity issues from both sides of the coin;
  • Crack down more on bullying. This is a grave issue that needs to be addressed. 

If elected, I would make myself readily available when possible to address these issues and more.


Kevin Doherty

Kevin M. Doherty 

Residence:  31 West Park Street

Family:  Linda (wife); three girls and three boys - all AHS graduates

Education:  Albion High School; Attended Houghton College, Regents' External Degree Program; Industry CEU's

Occupation:  Critical Communications Infrastructure Technician 

Albion Schools are past the crossroads; they are at a dead end! Test scores are down, teacher and student morale are dismal. Technology is both outdated and unavailable to students. The District’s haphazard Covid responses underscore the need for change. I have a 45 year record of progressive task diligence and management success. No other candidate brings 17 years’ experience in the school setting, 5 as Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and 12 as a school board member. I respectfully ask for your vote in this year’s out of the ordinary election.


John Kast

John Kast 

Residence:  14684 State Route 31

Family:  Cheryl (wife); children Tyler(19) - attending Texas A&M University, Sierra (17) - currently a junior at ACS, Logan (11) - currently in 5th grade at ACS.

Education:  Albion High School Class of 91'; Edinboro University of Pennsylvania '95 

Occupation:  Farmer.  Co-owner of Kast Farms, Inc.

Having grown up in Albion and graduated from ACS, I have firsthand experience in the benefits of a small, close-knit community.  I have also had the opportunity to live in other communities in New York and out of state.  We have raised our children in different school districts and have been exposed to different ways of supporting our children and our community.  I believe it will be through this exposure that I can bring a fresh outlook to the board. In addition, as a local business owner, I hope to bring a level head and open mind to the board.  


Christopher Kinter

Christopher Todd Kinter 

Residence: 3844 Allens Bridge Road

Family: Karen (wife), Kaitlyn - 17 and Jack - 13 (children)

Education:  Graduate of Albion High School

Employment:  Self Employed - Property Maintenance By CK Inc. and Owner of The Cone Zone

I am a life-long resident of Albion with two children in the District.  For the past 16 years, I've owned my own business.  I believe I will add value to the Board and the District.  I want what is best for all students. As a board member, you must be approachable and available to the community you serve.  You must see both sides and set aside you personal convictions.  We must focus on a comprehensive approach to student achievement while working on a vision for the future.  Let's invest in our students and community.  Thank you. 


Joyce Riley

Joyce A. Riley 

Residence:  221 Linwood Avenue

Family:  Daama Sheepo and Quinn Murphy (children)

Education:  Masters Degree in Public Administration

Occupation: Retired Registered Nurse (RN)

Being an active board member means not being a spectator to what is happening.  My goal as an active board member is to promote and provide for the best education of our children with the support of the teachers, administration, ancillary staff, and the community.  Our future success is based on our willingness to be innovative and creative with education, encouraging and supporting teachers, being fiscally sound and responsive to the community.  My family has been here since 1960.  My two sons and I graduated from Albion.  I am here to serve and support what is best for the District.  


Kurt Schmitt

Kurt Schmitt 

Residence: 14221 West County House Road

Family:  Cathy (wife), Cole and Kelsey (children)

Education:  Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Albany

Occupation:  Security Forces Operations Officer - USAF (Rank: Major)

As a retired NYS Trooper and military serviceman, you have my word that I will work diligently on behalf of our students and community.  Student achievement and school safety are two critical measures of success that we must invest in and manage well.  My experience can help guide us as we prepare for the future. I have been trained extensively in school safety, crisis management and team building.  I consider all sides of an issue and I will contribute and do what is right for our district. I believe every student has the potential for a bright future. 


Marlene Seielstad

Marlene Seielstad

Residence: 302 W Park Street

Family:  Erik (husband), Morgan - 23 & Riley - 20 (children)

Education:  Albion High School, SUNY Oswego

Occupation:  Real Estate Broker

Challenging times call for board members who remain objective and student focused while maintaining fiscal responsibility. We are facing several critical issues in the near future, including searching for a new District superintendent. Working as a realtor in the area and a volunteer with several organizations has given me a unique perspective on local issues.  My prior experience as both an Albion and BOCES board member along with my deep commitment to the community will be an asset. I look forward to the opportunity to serve again and help Albion continue to be a "leader in the business of learning."