Budget Vote Information 

The Albion Central School District budget vote has been rescheduled to June 16th.  All mailed ballots must be received by 5pm on June 16th.  

By Executive Order, the Governor directed, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, school elections this year are to be held by absentee ballot. Ballots were mailed to those registered with the County Board of Elections, who have voted in recent school district elections, and parents and students age 18 or greater on May 22nd.  If you have not received a ballot and wish to vote or have questions regarding the budget vote or ballots, please email us at vote2020@albionk12.org.

Here we answer questions that have been asked about how absentee ballots will be collected and tabulated. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to reach out to the District Clerk, Derek Vallese, at 585-589-2056 or through vote2020@albionk12.org.

Through June 9, 2020 at 5pm: Ballots may be returned by mail or in person to the District Office.  When absentee ballots are received in the District Office, they are placed in a locked cabinet in our locked vault.  As a precaution during the COVID Pandemic, the day after each envelope is received it is opened and checked to verify if the inner envelope is properly completed.  All ballots that are incomplete and not counted will be retained for inspection.

June 9th after 5pm through June 16th at 5pm:  Only ballots sent through the United States Post Office and received by 5pm on June 16th will be counted.  Ballots will be handled as described above.     

June 18th: Beginning at 10am, the District will live stream the ballot opening on our YouTube Channel.  The community can observe the Chief Election Inspector pull each (still folded) ballot out of its affidavit envelope.  The affidavit envelope will be given to Inspector #1 and placed in a designated bin.  The ballot will be placed in a different bin by the Chief Election Inspector. 

Once all ballots are separated from the affidavit envelopes and placed in bins, they will be shuffled so ballots cannot be associated to an individual via the affidavit envelope.

The Chief Election Inspector, Election Inspector #1, and Election Inspector #2 will begin to review each proposition and sort into three stacks: "yes,"  "no," "no response." (For example, we will start with Proposition #1 – School District Budget.  All "yes" votes will be placed in one stack, all "no" votes in another, and the "no responses" in a 3rd stack.  All three (3) inspectors will count each stack individually to confirm the count.)

This process will be repeated for all three Propositions.

For the Board of Education election, the inspectors will go through all the ballots to ensure that they are valid, looking for things such as casting votes for four (4) candidates, or checked one candidate and wrote that same candidate in two additional write-in lines. Once this is done, we will proceed with the similar procedure as the propositions, but go candidate by candidate.  We will also do the same procedure for write-ins.

Click on the sidebar links (either to the left of your screen or below if using a mobile phone) to access more detailed information about the 2020-2021 proposed school budget.