Estimated Tax Rates

These tax rates are projections based on current assessments and equalization rates.  Actual assessments and equalization rates were not yet available at the time of publication.  Equalization rates are used by the State to determine how much of the tax levy is to be collected from each of our towns.  The use of these rates is required by the State of New York and is not under the control or the influence of the Board of Education. 


  school tax rates 2018-2019 (Actual) school tax rates 2019-2020 (actual) school tax rates 2020-2021(projected)
albion $15.47 $14.44 $14.44
barre $15.47 $14.44 $14.44
carlton $15.47 $14.44 $14.44
gaines $15.47 $14.44 $14.44
kendall $15.47 $14.44 $14.44
murray $15.47 $14.44 $14.44