ACSD Superintendents

In 1876 the Albion School District became centralized.  Since that time, only ten superintendents have filled the seat.  These superintendents are: 

1876-1898   Freeman Greene

1898-1920   Willis G. Carmer

1920-1960   Carl I. Bergerson

1960-1972   George Wolfe

1972-1973   Malcolm Hewitt

1973-1974   William Host

1974-1984   Douglas W. Houck

1984-2002   Ronald L. Sodoma

2002-2010   Ada D. Grabowski

2010-2020  Michael S. Bonnewell

2020 -         Scott Bischoping, Interim Superintendent 


This plaque was added to the middle school's community entrance in 2001.  It marked the district's 125th anniversary.  Community members could purchase a memorial brick which were installed on both sides of the entrance to the pool.