Megan's Law

Sex Offender Notification

In accordance with the Sex Offender Registration Act ("Megan's Law") the Board of Education supports the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in its efforts to inform the community in certain circumstances of the presence of individuals with a history of sex offenses, particularly against children, in the school locality. This policy is enacted in order to minimize the possibility that the sex offender will come in contact with school-age children, and to assist law enforcement agencies in preventing further criminal activity from occurring. Furthermore, the District shall cooperate with local police authorities and the local community in promoting and protecting the safety and well being of its students.

The District has been informed by law enforcement officials or has obtained the information through the NYS Public Registry of Sex Offenders that LEVEL 2 & 3 sex offenders are residing in the area at the following addresses:

In any particular area there may be several people with the same name. Before making assumptions, we highly recommend that you refer to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services where you may obtain further information including photographs of all registered offenders. You may access this site by following the link: