Students Meet Soldiers that Received Cards

Students Meet Soldiers that Received Cards

Pictured: PFC Santino Morales and Sergeant Major Juan Morales visit with students.

Students in Miss Cammarata's third grade class were filled with excitement and questions when they received a surprise visit from two soldiers that received their holiday cards. 

The soldiers wanted to thank them for sending the letters and explain how much cards and letters from home mean to the soldiers serving so far away, especially during the holidays.

Arms were raised high as students eagerly waited their turn to ask dozens of questions.

Sergeant Major Juan Morales and his son PFC Santino Morales answered every student question.  They shared information about living conditions, weather, currency, what they eat, the types of vehicles they use in the Army, what their training is like, and the time differences from Albion to Kuwait and South Korea.

PFC Morales is an MP (Military Police) and said he chose this career because he looks up to his father.  He told the students his training was hard work and it taught him discipline and respect.  He is home from two weeks and then will be stationed in Italy for two years.  

SGM Morales is a police officer and will return to work with the Rochester Police Department.