Students Create Powerful Poems

Students Create Powerful Poems

Students frame their completed Blackout poems.

Last month, Mrs. Roche and Mrs. Morales welcomed back Annette Daniels-Taylor to the high school.  

Miss Annette is a performance artist and poet from Buffalo, NY.

She worked with Mrs. Roche's creative writing class over four sessions to discuss various American historical documents.

They worked with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The students spent a great deal of time discussing the documents, the importance of diction, and how powerful our words are today.

Each student was then given a section of the documents and they had to create poetry using only the words of our founding fathers.

The result was Blackout poetry. The poems are framed and on display in the high school library.

Miss Annette visited Albion last year and worked with students on developing their own poems.  The students enjoyed working with her and created very personal and powerful poems.