College Readiness Class Tours Local Colleges

College Readiness

Students visit colleges

Students in Mrs. Green's College Readiness class took a field trip to two area colleges. 

Earlier in the semester, she asked students to list three colleges they would be interested in visiting.  The two they chose were SUNY Geneseo and University of Rochester.    

The group had tour guides that showed them libraries, buildings, cafeterias, dorms and general campus facilities. 

The guides also shared information about scholarships, courses, extra-curricular activities and campus life.  

Students enjoyed the tour.  They felt it was very informative and gave them a better understanding of college life.  

The rain didn't stop students from touring Geneseo campus. Students enjoyed getting out of the rain at University of Rochester by using the heated underground tunnels that connect to different buildings.    

So this is what a typical dorm looks like?

Some of the group enjoys the lounge as they wait for their tour to begin.


Touring the library.