Regroup Emergency Notification System

Albion Central School District has a mass communication system available to alert you to important information about our schools! You may provide multiple phone and e-mail addresses for e-mail, voice, and/or text alerts. In order to receive these messages, you must sign up using the sign up/login at the Regroup Sign Up/Login link.  You may add or delete phone numbers or e-mail addresses that receive alerts by logging in via the same link at any time.

School closings and other emergency alerts will automatically be delivered to every phone number, text message system, and/or e-mail account you designate when you sign up. (Please note that school closings may be announced as early as 5:30 a.m. and that we will still use our usual television and radio station alerts in the event that phone, text, and e-mail systems are unavailable during an emergency.) The emergency alert group is a default group, meaning that everyone who signs up for the alert system will receive the emergency alerts.

In addition to emergency alerts including school closings, you may request alerts from your child's school building and the activities/teams your child participates in by logging into your account at the link below. These other groups, noted below, are optional—and you must "join " those from which you wish to receive alerts by signing up as a member of these groups.

  • School Buildings: Each school will have a group that you may elect to join for specific messages about the designated building. Sign up for the buildings your children attend for building specific information such as event reminders.
  • ACS Sports Teams: Coaches will be provided with a group that you may elect to join for information about schedule changes or other messages that need to be delivered quickly to all participants.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Advisors and Directors will be provided with a group that you may elect to join for information and messages that need to be delivered quickly to all participants.

While you may withdraw from any of the groups in the three categories above (school buildings, sports teams, extracurricular activities) by logging in to your account at the sign up/log in link below, you may not withdraw from the emergency alerts. Emergency alerts can only be stopped by deleting your membership in the system. To delete your membership, send an e-mail including the username and e-mail address you used when signing up for the account. We will delete your membership from the system, which will stop all alerts (emergency, building, sports, and extracurricular.)

Specific directions for signing up for alerts can be found here. If you do not have internet access and an e-mail address (required to sign up at the website) or if you have other questions about the system, you may contact Cindy Ishmael at (585)589-2055.

To withdraw from the alert system, e-mail your system username and primary e-mail address.