Indoor Air Quality Report


March 9, 2020

At the February Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Bonnewell shared the results of the Air Quality Evaluation Mrs. Nellie Brown of Cornell University performed at our Elementary School during September, 2019.  A copy of her report and a summary of findings that was shared with the Board can be found below by accessing the links.

In short, Mrs. Brown shared in her report and her presentation to teacher leaders and administrators at the end of her evaluation visits to the school that our building is well built, well maintained, and well cared for and that there was no “smoking gun” related to the concern about staff breast cancer cases.

Most of the improvements she suggested were implemented while she was still here or shortly after.  We are researching a means to address her concern about carpet in front of classroom sinks, but want to find a solution better than hard tile – which could create a slip and fall hazard.


Items Identified in Nellie Brown's Report

Indoor Air Quality Report by Nellie Brown, Cornell University ILR School