Service Learning

Seventh grade students in the Carl I. Bergerson Middle School enjoy the unique privilege of participating in a year-long Service Learning class; one of only a few of its kind in the country.

Service-Learning is a form of experiential learning where students apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to address genuine community needs through volunteerism - learning through service. The class addresses various general topics like character education, citizenship, patriotism, leadership, interviewing, letter advocacy and critical thinking. Each day our students incorporate their classroom study by trying to answer the question, “How Can I Use What I Am Learning Today?”

Aside from at least one major local service project each year, the daily newspaper and current events serve as a framework for discussion and study. The classes explore world, national and local issues. They study cultures, geography, weather, government, social and political issues, environment, war and peace, poverty, clean water as a resource, gender roles, local, federal and U.S. history, and more; whatever may be filling the headlines of the day.

The classes are fun and engaging, and most importantly, pertinent to their everyday lives. Frequent guest speakers from the area provide a “local face” to much of our classroom material.

Service Learning Projects: