Ronald L Sodoma Elementary School


Students Ride to School in a Firetruck  

The 2nd annual "Ride a Firetruck to School" contest took place in October. Any student could enter the contest. Students had to create a project based on fire safety rules they learned from local firemen during Fire Safety Week. One lucky winner from each grade level was chosen, along with his/her teacher to ride to school in a firetruck.  Thank you to Albion and Carlton Fire Departments for providing transportation.   

Kindergarten Art Class

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Burgett's art classes learned how to create 3-D sculptures by manipulating strips of paper into straight, pointy, curvy, zig-zag, thick, and thin lines.  After they finished, they made sculptures out of other building materials of their choice: legos, cubes, blocks, awesome flakes, cups, or dominos.