Ronald L Sodoma Elementary School

Purple Eagle Pride - What a Ride!

Students Ride to School in a Fire Truck!

This past fall students participated in a weeklong fire prevention program.  They learned many facts and life saving strategies to help them if a fire broke out in their homes.  After the program, students could enter a fire safety contest to share the tips and strategies they learned from the area fire departments.  The winning prize was a ride to school in a fire truck!  As you can imagine, many students entered the contest and submitted excellent projects.  One student from each grade level was chosen.  The winning projects were on display in the elementary school lobby.  The Albion and Barre Fire Departments assisted with transporting students from their homes to school, along with their classroom teacher, who also got to ride along.  Special thanks to Rob Conner (Albion) and Ben Flansburg (Barre) who transported students to school.    The winners are:

Pre-K with Mrs. Lang – Ryan Gardner
Kindergarten with Mrs. Arnold – Caleb Wolfe
1st Grade with Mrs. Wadhams – Peyton Kennedy
2nd Grade with Mrs. Werner – Keira Sidari
3rd Grade with Mrs. LeBaron- Melodee Sager
4th Grade with Mrs. Sheehan – Myalee Moyer
5th Grade with Mr. Martin – Emma Shay
Mrs. Fournier’s class – Leeland Marks