Elementary Staff

Building Goals

Each year, the building goals are based on district goals set by the Board of Education for each academic year. The district's goals for the 2020-21 academic year can be found here.


Elementary School Building Goal #1:

  • Using the following methods: home visits, parent workshops, remote Wednesdays, and services provided by the family/student technological liaison, the ES will enhance student engagement and promote community involvement and collaboration by providing instruction and support for our hybrid and virtual learners and their families.

Elementary School Building Goal #2:

  • So as to create and sustain a collaborative culture, we will seek students’ and teachers’ input on building level decisions and planning by conducting student focus groups, staff surveys, principal advisory meetings and convening, when appropriate, advisory committees with a targeted purpose.

Elementary School Building Goal #3:

  • In an effort to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential, we will provide equal access to learning materials and resources in multiple formats, whenever deemed necessary. Teachers, through professional development, will continue to strengthen their understanding and skills as they relate to hybrid and remote learning. Students, as a result, will demonstrate an increase in engagement and improved learning.