Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

School arrival and dismissal

The safety and security of our elementary community is our priority. Our arrival and dismissal procedures for the 2020-2021 school year will help us to:

  • continue to ensure that only approved individuals will pick-up your child
  • reduce traffic (vehicle and people) in the bus lanes
  • reduce the interaction between any children and adults who are not approved to pick those children up by restricting the entrance to the elementary school hallways and classrooms to students, employees, and designated visitors and volunteers from 8:00am-4:00pm beginning September 6th.
  • bar individuals from accessing our building and children without an approved purpose.

Students who ride the bus to and from school:

Students riding the bus to and from school have simple routines. Students will be called off and on to the buses by grade levels. Staff and safety patrol will be on the sidewalks and in the halls to supervise these transitions.

Students who come to school after 9:15 am or leave before 3 pm:

Our school day runs from 9:00-3:25.  Any student who comes to school after 9:15 or who leaves before 3:00 will need to be signed in or out at the main lobby. Any student who arrives after 9:15, or who is pulled from class prior to 3:00 will require a written reason, and it will count against their attendance record. Afternoon pre-kindergarten will enter through the main lobby.

Parking lot:

Always use the Clarendon Road entrance, and not the entrance by the high school.

Please be careful as you walk through the parking lot at dismissal. Hold your child’s hand as buses, other parents, and many people are making their way through as well.

Do not drive through the bus loading zone at any time. The bus loading zone is the area immediately in front of the school to the grass median. Parent drop off is at the east end, by the blue/yellow/red playground.

Students who come to school by car:  8:50 am-9:10 pm

There are two types of driveways coming from Clarendon Road. This first is for those who want to park and walk their child to the east gym lobby. The second driveway is a drive-thru drop off.

Students who arrive by car will go to the east gym lobby, (by the yellow, blue and red playground near Clarendon Road) for entry into the school.

The east gym lobby is to be accessed from the “Clarendon Road” side of the elementary school, on the east side of the campus. Please do not pull in by the tennis courts/high school.

Beginning September 6th, only students will enter the elementary halls to go to their classrooms.

Student sign-out and registration cards:

Sign out for student pickup will begin at 2:45 in the east gym lobby. Students who will be signed out at the end of the day will come down to the east gym lobby from their classrooms between 3:05-3:15. Student registration cards will be checked and a dismissal pass (either permanent or day paper pass) will be issued.  Dismissal passes must be given to staff at the time of pick up. To avoid unnecessary calls to classrooms at the end of the day, and sign out delays, please send a note in with your child in the morning so that we know your child is not riding the bus.

  • The person signing-out the child must be on the registration card; no exceptions. We will not accept verbal requests to add an approved pick-up guardian on the phone. Please understand that the child will not be released to anyone not on the card. In order to ensure student safety, the building principal maintains a list of individuals who are authorized to obtain the release of students in attendance at school.  This list is kept on the back of the student registration card that the parent/guardian provides to the teacher.
  • Custodial parent/guardians may amend this list, and all changes to this list must be made in person.  We cannot accept changes over the phone, via text message, or email.
  • No student may be released to the custody of an individual who is not the parent or guardian of the student, unless the individual's name appears on this list.
  • Certified copies of any court orders or divorce decrees provided by the custodial parent, which restrict a parent's ability to seek the release of his or her child shall be maintained in the office.
  • In the event of an emergency, the building principal may release a student to an individual not appearing on the approved list ONLY if the parent or guardian has contacted the building principal and approves the release. Early excuses for emergency reasons should be requested in writing by the parent or guardian. Reasons for release must be submitted to the main office. The person seeking the student's release must sign the register in the office.

Picking-Up Students at the End of the day (2:45-3:15)

All parents are asked to park at the Clarendon Road entrance. Enter the east gym lobby and proceed to the appropriate table.

Table #1 - Permanent Pass: This is for students who will be picked up every day. Fill out both sides of a registration card and a permanent pass. No note is required; we will automatically send the student down to the east gym lobby every day for pick up. Sign out your student, receive laminated pass to give to the dismissal staff. Send a note in or call if you need the student to ride the bus.

Table # 2 – Paper Pass Sign-Out: This is for those “every now and again” times when you pick your child up from school at the end of the day. You will need to send in a note, the registration card will be double-checked; you will sign the student out and receive a paper pass.