Elementary School Principal


Rachel Curtin


Message from the Principal

We are proud to join you in this exciting time of life for your child.  Our Albion Purple Eagles learn to guide themselves with respect, responsibility and optimism from an early age both in the classroom and in the community.   Every child matters to us, and we promise to value them not only for who they are today, but for who they will be in the future.  Each of us will play a role in helping your child achieve, develop strong character, and enjoy the success that comes from hard work in the years to come.  Our students will learn that they have the power to control their future, because they have the power to strengthen their brains with practice and determination.  We are all here to help in this process, so please let us know if you have a question or idea that will help us in this process.

Assistant Principal

Kevin Beaumont

Kevin Beumont