Transportation (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

The District transports students to and from their residence in accordance with defined limits. The District does not have an obligation to transport in regard to a babysitter's address. We understand that the babysitter's residence becomes the school bus stop for many of our students. We will honor requests for transportation to and/or from a point other than the family residence on an annual basis.

Requests are honored one time only. The District and the parents are obligated to the agreement for the entire year. The District will not approve bus stops on differing days for any individual student or adjust a student's bus assignment after the beginning of the school year, unless you change your residence. Bus changes by telephone or notes can not be honored. A parent must fill out a transportation request form.

The District is prohibited from transporting students to after school organizations such as scouts, 4-H, dancing class, music lessons, or to a friend's house. Requests of this nature are not "emergencies" and will not be honored by the school district. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide transportation to and from non-school related activities.

If you have questions regarding transportation, please call the elementary school office at 589-2030 or the transportation department at 589-2070.