Growth Mindset & Relationships - What Parents Can Do

Growth Mindset & Relationships - What Parents Can Do

Students create a kindness quilt.

Growth Mindsets & Relationships
By Mrs. Plummer, Health Teacher

Often students deal with peer relationships that can be strained and not easy to deal with.

As educators and parents, we can help children deal with statements that seem to be hurtful.  We can try to help them reach a level of confidence in order to deal with what is uncomfortable.  Here are a few examples:

“Some people can be hurtful, but not all.  Who are the people who act kind to you?”

“Some people can change and need a second chance.  Did you tell the person how he/she hurt you?”

“Another person can have an opinion of you, and say what they want.  What is the truth about you?”

“ In the future, when _______ occurs, you could use a strategy to focus a good response.”


Here are a few strategies o try.  Remember, strategies practiced become habits!

Square Breathing:

Take five seconds to breathe in and slowly breathe out.  Then respond in a way that won’t cause more problems.


Change your fixed response to a growth response.  Say to yourself: “I am unique and maybe they don’t understand or know me enough yet.” Or “There are other people who appreciate me, I will spend my time with them.”


Source: Mindset Works/Leader Kit.