Not "Eggs"actly What Students Expected

Not "Eggs"actly What Students Expected

A student examines an egg.

Science club students were surprised to see the results of a recent egg experiment.  

On Monday they placed a raw, whole egg in a glass jar.  They added vinegar to the jar, sealed it, and left it on the shelf for 48 hours. 

When they returned to science club on Wednesday, they checked on their egg and couldn't believe their eyes.

The shell was completely gone!

Students noticed they could barely see a yolk and the egg was a milky gray color and felt like jelly.

They were amazed that the acetic acid in the vinegar caused a chemical reaction that dissolved the shell (calcium carbonate).   

Students can't wait to return next week for their next experiment.  

The club advisors are Kim Burrell and Stephanie Schepis.

The clubs are part of the Community Schools grant that provides extended school day programming and enrichment activities.