Building Goals

Each year, the building goals are based on district goals set by the Board of Education for each academic year. The district's goals for the 2020-21 academic year can be found here. 


Goal 1:  The high school will expand our community relationship through events that strengthen student and parent engagement and connection. We will:

  • Design virtual experiences for students and parents/guardians to engage in our school community (i.e. virtual concerts, virtual guest speakers/field trips, virtual college visits and financial aid seminars, virtual extracurricular clubs).
  • Offer technology support for students and/or parents.

Goal 2: The high school will continue to strengthen our collaborative culture where individuals feel valued and empowered. We will:

  • Communication with stakeholder groups through the use of mailings, Regroup alerts, Google Meet, the District website and social media.
  • Continue to gather stakeholder feedback through the use of Google forms, student and staff focus groups, ThoughtExchange surveys and collaboration with the department chairpersons.

Goal 3: To ensure equal opportunities for all students and staff to reach their full potential and achieve future success, the high school will:

  • Facilitate on-going professional development sessions for teachers.
  • Provide opportunities for students to receive additional support through the following:  remote Wednesdays, homeroom videos, after school by appointment.
  • Monitor student progress and determine the level of intervention needed, if any.