Genesee Community College ACE Programs

Accelerated College Enrollment

ACE Programs is a partnership between Genesee Community College and Western New York high schools to provide college courses to secondary students during the school day. These programs offer accelerated high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level courses and to earn college credits from Genesee Community College while still in high school. Our goal is to enhance the high school learning experience and prepare students for the transition to college and career.

ACE programs offer several advantages over traditional articulation agreements, including greater flexibility and transferability to other colleges and universities. Completion of GCC credit courses has given hundreds of students a head start on their college career.

Program benefits include:

  • Students are able to avoid repeating some freshman year courses, thereby obtaining a head start on a college career.
  • Students are challenged and motivated by demanding courses during their junior and senior years.
  • Students have the opportunity to experience some requirements of college life including class selection, registration and utilizing college facilities.
  • Students pay a lower tuition rate (approximately 1/3 of regular tuition) than traditional Genesee Community College students.

Advanced Studies

Genesee Community College courses offered through the Advanced Studies Program are taught at the high school by our own faculty who are approved by GCC. Courses taught in the high school follow the same guidelines and learning objectives as those taught on a GCC campus. Students who are registered in an Advanced Studies course earn college credits and high school credits simultaneously.

The following courses are available at Albion High School:

  • College Composition & Humanities (6 credits)
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry (3 credits)
  • Pre-calculus (4 credits)
  • Calculus (4 credits)
  • AP Calculus (4 credits)
  • College Biology (3 credits)
  • College American History (3 credits)
  • College Western Traditions (6 credits)
  • College Spanish (6 credits)
  • College Painting (3 credits)
  • College Drawing (3 credits)

To earn GCC credit, students must register for the course through GCC. Registration applications and residency forms are available in the Counseling Office. Students must register for their course(s) in September or February depending on when the course is offered. For more information, please contact Mrs. Pettit.

College Today

The College Today classes were developed to give high school seniors an opportunity to pursue college credit-bearing classes in the campus setting. Courses were developed to compliment, rather than compete with, existing high school classes.

The following college courses are available for our high school students at the Albion GCC Campus:

  • General Psychology (3 credits)
  • Public Speaking (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

Other courses may be available. See your counselor for more information.

To register, students must complete a registration and residency form. For information, please contact Mrs. Pettit.

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