2020 Series Scholarships for Academic Excellence:

Graduation 2019

Attention Class of 2020:  

A scholarship is being offered by the State Department of Education.  

In the upcoming weeks, one member of the senior class will be selected to receive a renewable $1500 scholarship.  

Two or three other seniors will receive a $500 scholarship.  

The selection of the winners will be based upon performance on the Regents Exams.  

By rule, a weighted average of the scores on the Regents Exams will be as follows:
Comprehensive English Regents - Grade multiplied by 3
Trigonometry Regents - Grade multiplied by 3
Global Studies Regents - Grade multiplied by 1
US History/Government Regents - Grade multiplied by 1
Each Student's Best Two Science Regents - Grade multiplied by 1
Ties will be broken by using the students' class ranks.
Winners of this scholarship must attend a college or university in New York State to receive the award.  

If you would like additional information, please see Mr. Christiansen in the Counseling Office.