GCC Promise Plus! Free College Courses for Juniors & Seniors

Students at graduation

GCC Promise Plus!!!

Genesee Community College will again be offering our juniors and seniors a scholarship that will cover the cost of tuition for college classes this summer.  

The Genesee Promise Plus scholarship allows current juniors to enroll in one summer course at GCC.

Seniors may enroll in one or two summer courses at GCC.  

Students can use these credits toward a degree from GCC, or they can transfer the credits to many other colleges.

The summer session at GCC will run from July 6 through August 7.  Your child’s tuition will be paid for by GCC.  All application materials and information can be found at www.genesee.edu/promise.  

The application process would include:

  • The student must apply and register online, and complete and mail in the one-page GCC Promise Plus Scholarship Application.
  • The student must complete the Residency Form.
  • Parental approval/signature is required if under 18 years of age.
  • The student should meet with a GCC advisor or a Campus Center associate on an individual basis to ensure eligibility.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s counselor at 589-2042, or call GCC at 345-6800.  

The application is due June 19.

What a great opportunity for our students!