Building Buddy Benches

Building Buddy Benches

Students build a bench in class.

Students in Kristen Martin's woodworking class made five benches this semester. 

The class did an excellent job of measuring, cutting the wood, and putting the sturdy bench design together. 

The benches are currently in the process of being painted by third graders in Mrs. LeBaron and Mrs. Orbacker's classes, with a little help from the woodworking class. 

Once the benches are painted they will be stenciled with the words "Buddy Bench." 

Woodworking students will finish them up with a coat of preservative and they will be placed on the elementary school playgrounds.    

If a student is in need of a friend/buddy to play with, he or she can sit on the Buddy Bench. 

This will alert other students that someone needs a buddy. 

Students can then go over to the Buddy Bench and invite the person to play with them on the playground.    

The Buddy Bench project is a service-learning project between the classes and supports the District' mission, "Achievement, Character, Success for Life...ACS.