Students Recognized at Board of Education Meeting

Students Recognized at Board of Education Meeting

October students of the month

During the October Board of Education Meeting, Mrs. Ashbery recognized two high school students for their character and leadership.

Kaitlyn Ramirez received the character award. 

Kaitlyn was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Meakin.  He said, “Kaitlyn demonstrates several attributes that exhibit a high level of character. She shows compassion and consideration for the residents at the Villages of Orleans while participating in various activities.  Kaitlyn displays warmth, generosity, support and maintains a strong desire for success and achievement in the Community As School program. She has grown tremendously as a person and is a great example for the students in the program." 

Mrs. Ashbery thanked Kaitlyn for her strong character and positive influence on those around her.

Yeshua Robles Nunez received the leadership award.  His teacher Mrs. Brittan noted, "Yeshua has gone above and beyond to befriend a new student who speaks very little English. He has taken him under his wing, helping him to become acclimated to not only a new school, but also to a new language. Yeshua has arranged to complete a portion of his community service hours tutoring this student. Yeshua’s easy smile and positive nature has helped his transition to the high school for a very successful start to the school year. He is an example to others that everyone has the ability to lead in a very positive, impactful way."

Mrs. Ashbery thanked Yeshua for his positive leadership at the high school.   She said, "We all benefit from your passion and drive to help others and know that this will continue to serve you well for years to come. We are proud to have you as part of our Albion Purple Eagle family."