Students Participate in December Letters Project

Students write letters

The Pride Alliance, led by Ms. Hall and Mrs. Roche, took part in the December Letters Project. 

This project is organized by MITA, a Buffalo organization determined to “organize in order to fight against the violations of human rights.”

The group primarily focuses on the needs of those impacted by mental health concerns.

The December Letters Project sends letters and holiday cards to people living in psychiatric institutions.

The cards are distributed anonymously and bring great joy to all who receive them.

In addition to The Pride Alliance, Mrs. Roche’s English classes joined in and made cards to send as well.

All students were encouraged to write messages of hope, kindness, and perseverance. 

Kudos to Pride Alliance and Mrs. Roche's English classes for taking the initiative to spread a little hope and kindness to others.  


Students take time to docorate their cards after writing words of kindness. 

A large selection of cards were created by the group. 

Busy working a creating cards. 


Examples of cards created by students.