Albion High School’s Fall Show reimagined in first-ever “Winter Showcase”

Cast of the Winter Showcase

Cast of the Winter Showcase

Though Charles D' Amico High School wasn’t able to produce its annual fall show this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, faculty and students were determined to host an event for the Albion community. 

“The Winter Showcase is a redesigned Fall Show,” High School Choir Director Connor Doran explained. “We wanted to offer something to take the place, but make it unique in its design.”

While the Fall Show has gone on for many years, this is the first year, due to the pandemic, that it has been called the "Winter Showcase." According to Doran, the name change was, in part, due to the show’s pushed-back time-line along with the desire to offer some-sort of musical opportunity to students. 

The showcase was offered to everyone and highlights seven performers:

Natalie Barron - Somewhere That's Green 
Faith Bennett - What’s Wrong With Me?
Aubrey Boyer - Burn 
Leah Kania - One Perfect Moment 
Emily Mergler - On My Own 
Myleigh Miller - I'd Rather Be Me 
Annalise Steier - Pulled  
Each performer was allowed to choose their own piece, design their staging, choreography, set, and lighting scheme. 

“It was a great opportunity for them,” Doran said. “ It was a fluid process, very individually driven. They would start with me and learn music, then move to our staging and choreography directors, then work in tandem with our costumers, scenic design staff, and lighting coordinator. It was a great learning process for us all.”

Despite the restrictions and limitations, they were able to find a creative solution and give the students and the community something to look forward to. 

“I am quite excited to showcase our efforts and the students' artistry,” Doran said. “Everyone played a major role. Albion Theatre Department has built such a great program that we are able to do things like this, especially with the great technological resources in the auditorium. Everybody rose to the challenge and made something truly meaningful and lasting.” 

The Winter Showcase will be streamed on February 5, around 7 p.m. on the district's YouTube channel