The show goes on: High School students prepare for Spring musical

Rehearsals are underway for the High School's spring performance.

Rehearsals are underway for the High School's spring performance of Disney's Freaky Friday.

This past month, students in Charles D' Amico High School auditioned for the school’s spring musical: Disney’s Freaky Friday.

Audition Workshops were held on Jan. 7 and 8, where students were able to learn what goes into an audition and were able to prepare their performance for the following week. 

General auditions were held on Jan. 12 and provided the directors with a “baseline to work from,” according to Music Director and Co-Director Connor Doran

“We know what their ability is but we had audition workshops the week prior and what we want to see is how [the students] grow through the [audition] process,” Doran said. “We're not only judging on singing, acting, dancing but also teamwork, character, leadership, commitment and respect and responsibility.”

It’s a tall order but Doran emphasized that the directors weren’t looking for perfection, they were looking for potential. 

Though it’s a long process, all of the directors were thoroughly impressed with everyone who auditioned.

In fact, the directors were so impressed that everyone who auditioned received a callback. 

“A callback, is ‘Okay, we have two or three options, and we need to see what you can do,’” Doran explained. “We try to figure out that puzzle and our objective for the callback is to really make sure that the kids are put in the best light, so that they can shine, and they can succeed.” 

Everyone who auditioned has a role in the show and the first full-cast rehearsal was held on Jan. 19. 

At that time, everyone was given monthly schedules, detailing when they would need to be in rehearsal in order to prepare for opening night. 

This year, the performance will be able to be streamed virtually as the production will be shot like a movie. 

“I think, given all the circumstances, it's the best route to take because we aren't able to have audiences and we want to provide something for the community that they can watch and be involved in,” Doran said. “There needs to be joy and positivity and this show is full of that."

Students will be required to wear masks while they rehearse and while they perform.

“We’ll be following what the guidelines are at the time,” Doran said. “So we are trying to stay up on everything and we have such a supportive administration that recognizes and values the arts in this respect.”

As for where and when you can watch the final performance, there will be a website that will stream the event. You’ll buy your ticket to the performance and will have about 24 hours to watch the show.

While an official date for opening night is still forthcoming, Doran says they’re currently aiming for the beginning of April.