Albion students "Share A Heart" with the community

Students working on creating valentines for veterans.

With COVID-19 restrictions making visiting loved ones difficult this year, students from both Charles C. D'Amico High School and Carl I. Bergerson Middle School are making Valentines in a way to connect to the greater Albion community. 

In the Middle School, students in Kamie Feder’s art class are participating in a program called “Valentines for Veterans.” The class has created around 150 cards which will be distributed to local veterans and has been organized by Congressman Chris Jacobs. 

Albion High School’s Multicultural/ Diversity Club, National Honor Society, Pride Alliance, and Student Council all teamed up to create valentines to share throughout the community. 

According to Media Specialist Della Morales, Ashley Ames and Faith Bennett came up with the idea and pitched it to the club advisors. They’re calling it the Share a Heart Project.

Owen Hunt (left) and Brittany Spies-Hunt (right) holding up valentines they made for the community. “I think this was a very important project not just for the kids in the clubs for all our students to get a chance to experience what it feels like to give back to our community and to make someone's day just a little more special,’ Morales said. 

I can definitely see us doing this again next year. I really have enjoyed collaborating with the other clubs on big community group projects. 

The valentines will be delivered to the Veterans Office in Albion for our local veterans, the Batavia VA and Buffalo VA hospital, to the Villages of Orleans, and to the primary building grades Pre-K to first grade. 

Each club focused on making valentines for a specific organization but everyone supported each other and made them for all groups.  

After speaking to someone at the VA office in town, Morales said she delivered the hearts for the Veterans on Feb. 5, ensuring they would be distributed in time for Valentine’s Day. 

“They [the students] were very engaged and so excited to help out,” Morales said. “When we had the table set up outside the cafeteria so many students stopped by and helped fill the boxes so that we would have more than enough hearts to share.” 

At the final tally, the group made 140 valentines for the Villages, 150 cards for students in Pre-K through first grade, and 260 hearts were made to share with our local veterans. 

Outstanding job everyone!