Physical Education

Students kayak on the Erie Canal.

Vision Statement:  Inspire every student to maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

The high school physical education department teaches the following units each year: bowling, badminton, basketball, cooperative games, fitness units, soccer, floor hockey, ultimate games, racquetball, tennis, flag football, softball, biking, kayaking, dance, team handball and volleyball, as well as initiate fitnessgram testing in the fall and spring.  


  • For students to learn, develop, and practice skills needed for success in individual and team sports/activities
  • For students to gain the knowledge of concepts, principles, and strategies related to physical activity and sports
  • For students to value and appreciate physical activity
  • For students to know the resources available to them in their community in order to stay active
  • For students to be responsible citizens who respect themselves and others

Being prepared for class:

  • All students are expected to be prepared in a change of clothes (shorts/t-shirt or sweatpants/sweatshirt) and sneakers every class
  • Students are provided with a locker and combination lock to use for the school year
  • Cell phone usage is prohibited both in the gymnasium and the locker rooms


  • Full credit is earned by being prepared, giving full effort, following directions and safety guidelines, as well as being respectful of others and the equipment
  • Students need 2 credits total of physical education as a graduation requirement. Taking one semester-long class per year earns .5 credits/course over the 4 years.