Student Government

Student Council organizes Senior Citizen Day at the high school. Over 100 senior citizens participate in this annual event. Some activities are touring the high school, having lunch, playing board games, and listening to band and chorus performances.

Student Council consists of officers and representatives from each grade level. They are elected by the high school student body. The main mission of Student Council is to help develop a positive and optimistic educational environment, encourage the practice of good citizenship, improve school morals, provide a forum for student expression, charter school clubs and other organizations, and promote the general welfare of the school.

The Student Council plans and participates in school events. The group also partakes in community, county, state, and national affairs. Its members attend local workshops to receive practical experience whenever possible. In the past, members have taken field trips, attended leadership conferences, visited federal government facilities and other schools.

Student Council holds special events as often as possible. These special events include Cupid's Ball, Senior Citizen's Day, homecoming week activities, food drives, school dances, performances, concerts and community events.

To learn more about Student Council, contact Sawyer Green, advisor, at 585-589-2040, or write to:

AHS Student Government
302 East Avenue
Albion NY 14411