Barracks - a group of buildings used to house soldiers.

Civilian - a person who is not in the military.

Drafted - being selected (at random) by the government for military service.

Drill Hall - a large building where soldiers practice skills like marching over and over again.

Enlisting - choosing to volunteer for military service.

Flak - exploding shells/canisters fired from the ground by anti-aircraft artillery (guns) to shoot down planes.

Furlough - time off (a break or mini-vacation) for rest and relaxation.

G.I. Bill - a “reward” program for veterans, which provided soldiers with certain benefits like money for college, housing, medical care, and other things.

KP (Kitchen Patrol) - a duty in which soldiers help the cooking staff by peeling potatoes, scrubbing pots, and doing other chores.

Leave - time off for rest and relaxation.

Mess - the building/place where meals are served and eaten in the military.

Mess Sergeant - the person in charge of food preparation and staff.

Mortars - short-barreled weapons used to fire grenade-like explosive shells.

Points - credit for time in the service or on missions. When a soldier earned enough points, he was released from the military.

Rating - a position or job given after successfully completing training or testing.

Shrapnel - metal/other fragments (pieces) from a bomb or explosion.

Veteran - a person who has served in the military, especially in a war.