End of the Year Awards Ceremony

On June 21st the middle school came together to celebrate their accomplishments.  Mr. Martillotta and his band played celebratory music as the student body entered the auditorium.  Mrs. Berg announced the winners with the help of Mrs. Snook and Mr. Pritchard. The upbeat ceremony was an excellent way to end the school year. 

Ozzy Matos is this year's recipient of the Principal's Award. The Principal's Award has a long-standing tradition in the middle school. The award criterion identifies a student that has shown growth in academics, behavior, character and overall mindset.

Before announcing the winner, Mr. Pritchard told the student body, "At one point or another in our lives we will face difficult obstacles and adversity.  How we respond to those moments will help to define who we become.  The individual receiving the Principals Award this year has shown the ability to be resilient, be a leader among peers, shown growth in character, and has maintained very respectable grades.  We are hopeful that the growth this student has shown will continue and we wish them the very best in high school."


The band played as the student body entered the auditorium.

Perfect attendance award recipients are pictured.  Front row (l-r): Mason Lynch, Andrew Uderitz, Deven Larabee, Adrian Kingdollar, Matthew Swartz Jr., Isabella Gray, Bailee Snook.  Middle row (l-r) Chaynia Powell, Ulises Ledesma, Jaydin Talbot, Lucy Rivers, Hady Beltran Roblero, Nicolina Creasey, Tyler Leary, Leah Kania, Jordan Marshall, Vaughncia Carter. Top row:  Bryce Wilson, Maleah Knight, Dominick Larabee, Leah Pritchard, Ellwood Hafner, Bryce Mathes, Michael Smith, Lia McCulley-Pardun, Hailey Crawford, Natalie Baron  Missing from Photo: Dallas Ecker.

6th Grade MVP's, chosen by their teachers, are pictured in front row (l-r): Jett Conn, Jason Anstey, Kelsey Froman, Finnegan McCue, Flynn Morrison, Alison Gibson. Middle row (l-r) Mark Ames, Isabella Gray, Reese Conley, Abigail Mancuso, Meganne Moore, Lucy Rivers, Auston Johnson. Top row (l-r) Garric Winterkorn, Maia Pate.


7th Grade MVP's in the front row (l-r): Jillian Ray, Keyonna Hamilton, Dallas Ecker, Ulises Ledesma, Javon Jones, Auston Narburgh, Audrey Pask. Back row: Samantha Basinait, Clara Bolton, Maya Knaak, Hailey Crawford, Nickolas Andrews, Gage Brannan, Natalie Baron, Seth Janus.


8th Grade MVP's in the front row (l-r): Owen Hunt, Brian Spall, Olivia Miller, Belen Rosario Soto, Kara Hackenberg, Amilcar Morales-Aguilar Jr., Carson Bader, Leah Kania. Back row: Charlotte Symons, Kyle Van Ameron, Zackary Olles, Reuben Rivers, Alyson Knaak, Blake Stornelli, Presley Smith, Emily Harling, Allison Mathes.

Alonzo Figueroa Fuentes receives a "bubble yum" award from Mr. Pritchard. 


Triple C (Courage, Character, Commitment) winners - Tyler Gibson and Paris Smith.


The top twenty academic students in eighth grade were recognized during the June 21st Albion Middle School awards ceremony.  They are in the front row (l-r): Loran Reid, Olivia Bieber, Elisa Bropst, Leah Kania, Belen Rosario Soto, Zoe Seniuk.  Middle row: James Beach, Aurora Serafin, Myleigh Miller, Kenzi Hapeman, Nicolina Creasey, Emily Harling, Carson Bader.  Back row: Reuben Rivers, Tyler Gibson, Zach Olles, Collin Capurso, Leah Pritchard, Emily Graham, Alyson Knaak.

Retiring middle school teachers Doug Mergler, Kim Toombs and Ralph Englert stood for a round of applause from the entire school.

Mrs. Berg was high energy as the awards M.C.!


Additional awards were given to students during the ceremony.  The teachers chose a boy and a girl from each grade to receive the award, which included a certificate and a candy bar.  They were:

3 Musketeers Award - Works well with others!    
Mark Ames, Kimberly Weese, Caleb Fox, Samantha Basinait, Myleigh Miller, Mohammad Mohi Meer, Kayli Callard.

Almond Joy Award -A joy to be around!
Isabella Gray, Drake Wilson, Nick Williams, Tristan Lusk, Lauren Brooks, Sheilia Gursslin, Kenzi Hapeman, Presley Smith    

Bubble Yum Award - A fun and bubbly personality!    
Abby Wittenberg, Alonzo Figuero-Fuentes, Matthew Swartz Jr., Bailee Snook, Javon Jones, Faith Bennett, Tyler Leary    

Extra Award - Always working extra hard!    
Yaquen Bermudez, Hady Beltran Roblero, Terry Green, Yoselin Lauro-Ramirez, Emily Harling, Carson Bader, Emily Richardson

Mr. Goodbar Award -Always being a good friend!    
Hailey Warren, Jason Anstey, Jacob Willis, Jackson Moody, Natalie Bertsch, Emily Trapiss, Dominick Green    

Hugs & Kisses Award -Sweet and caring towards others!    
Hailey Walker, Landon Tilbe, Hayden Button, Iris Rosario Reyes, Raja Warren, Hannah Coolbaugh, Josh Martin    

Laffy Taffy Award - Always brightening the day with a laugh!    
Auston Johnson, S'Koi Sanders-Smith, Hunter Hering, Chaynia Powell, Gabriella Rodriguez, Russell Kingdollar III    

Life Savers Award - Always willing to help someone in need!    
Jada Williams, Anthony Auricchio, Gage Brannan, Brianna Sample, Paris Smith, Kyle Van Ameron, Ozzy Matos

Nestle Crunch - For being dependable in a crunch!    
Jordan Marshall, Liana Flugel, Austin Narburgh, Maya Knaak, Hunter Mathes, Leah Pritchard, Angel Cruz Cruz    

Rolo - A hard worker that rolls with the punches!    
Lorenis Hernandez, Dresden Davis, Dylan Roath, Ashleigh Mowatt, Nicolina Creasey, Andrew Slack    

Skittles - Always full of colorful ideas!    
Danielle Wyant    Lee Fleck, Dakota Anstey, Jasmine Kremer, Alyson Knaak, Orion Groth    

Snickers Award - Always having a great sense of humor!    
Blake Preston, Mia Olles, Dallas Ecker, Nancy Gonzalez Weese, Logan Callard, Bonnie DiCureia, Collin Capurso    

Starburst Award - For being a star student every day!    
Abigail Mancuso, Dylan Narburgh, Logan Graham, Natalie Baron, Allison Mathes, Brian Spall    

Sweet Tarts Award - Always being so sweet to others!    
Julia Fuller, Isaac Hickman, Dejeanna Connor, Bryce Wilson, Meredith Hollenbeck, Colleen Usselman, James Beach    

Twizzler Award - Dancing through the year with a great attitude!    
Gina Sidari, Aiden Miller, Nicholas Andrews, Marli Thrash, Zoe Seniuk, Kyle Sidari