Principal Bradley Pritchard


Bradley Pritchard


Message from the Principal

Dear parents & caregivers,

First and foremost we hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.  This unprecedented period of time created by Covid-19 is like no other we’ve faced in our lifetimes.  We are presented with so many new challenges to overcome; it can become overwhelming at times.  Please know that we are here to support you, and together we will get through this.

One major change to our student’s life due to Covid-19 has been the introduction to remote learning which has instantly become our primary means of educating our children. This is a new experience for students, parents and educators and we are continuously learning how to best service you and your children each day.  We acknowledge the difficulties you or your child might have with remote learning, and we will monitor and adjust to improve our practices regularly as we receive feedback from you. 

Work provided is designed to keep our students connected to school, but we are only expecting that you do what you can.  Please don’t stress if you or your child is struggling to do assignments correctly or if you don’t understand how to help them.  Simply, do your best!  Our efforts are designed to engage children in academics in the best manner possible until we can return to school. 

It is our desire to make this educational experience as seamless as possible and reduce any stress created by this event.  Please call with any questions, concerns or feedback you might have as we value your feedback.  We wish you and your family the best and look forward to the day we have your children back in school with us again.

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Pritchard