Tech Wars!

Tech Wars!

Ready to compete.

On January 8th, a group of excited Middle School students attended Tech Wars at Niagara County Community College (NCCC).

More than 500 students from 30 school districts attended!

Albion students competed in trebuchet (a type of catapult), small bridge, t-shirt, and Co2 cars competitions.

Although the students did not place in the top three, they had a wonderful time competing and meeting other students from the Western New York area. 

The students were: Chris Sacco, Bryce Wilson ,Pom Seibert, Vincent Molisani, Meredith Hollenbeck, Ashleigh Mowatt, Marli Thrash, Annaliese Kelly, Nick Andrews, Andrew Uderitz, Gage Brannan, and Sarah Mathes.

Below are photos from Tech Wars, courtesy of Technology Education teacher Miss Martin. 

The students get ready to compete.

Trebuchet competition.

Co2 cars.

Trebuchet competition.

How strong is this bridge?  Time to find out!