Touring Our Hometown

Mount Albion Cemetery Stone

A group of students in Mr. Archer's service-learning classes saw their hometown with new eyes as they took a historic tour back in time.

Orleans County Historian Matthew Ballard led a tour of courthouse square and shared stories of Albion's historic past. 

Students also visited the Hoag Library and viewed historic documents and artifacts.

They made a trip to Mount Albion Cemetery to tour graves and monuments.   

They even stopped by the old Santa Claus School on Phipps Road to see where Christmas Park used to stand.


Do you know where this fireplace is?  If you guessed Christmas Park, you are correct!

Orleans County Historian Matthew Ballard shows students the WWI plaque that hangs at the courthouse entrance. 

Where could these students be?  Why, they are in the courthouse dome!  

Mr. Archer and his students pose for a quick photo in the court room.


Hoag Librarian Elizabeth Haibach shares some of the treasures at the Hoag Library including a letter written by George Washington,